Announcing the Blockchain Usability Survey - 2018 Edition

Throughout 2018, many projects came and went within blockchain. With the post-ICO madness subsiding, and a generally low sentiment in the market, the fundamentals of blockchain have been questioned.

While there are a multitude of challenges that still exist, including price volatility and regulatory uncertainty, another problem came to light over the last year - using crypto is simply too difficult.

If the early adopters hope for blockchain to enter into the mainstream, we need to collectively understand, and address, the obvious issue of blockchain usability.

FIO is excited, therefore, to conduct one of the first usability surveys ever done on the challenges that crypto users face when it comes to sending/receiving crypto. This survey will be conducted on an yearly basis, and results will be published for all to view.

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About Jonathan Syu

Director of Marketing for Dapix Inc., the private, venture-funded development firm responsible for the development of FIO - the Foundation for Interwallet Operability.